Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Fordham University Sept 2018-present

  • English 2000: From Page to Screen: Novels and Film Adaptations (2 sections)

  • English 3467: Disobedience in Literature

  • English 1102: Composition II: Monsters and Essays (2 sections)

  • English 3019: Fiction Writing: Experimental Ink: Writer’s Workshop

  • English 1102: Composition II: The Art of the Essay (2 sections)

  • English 3013: Fiction Writing: Writing and Creating the Graphic Novel

Adjunct English Professor, St. Francis College Sept 2019-present

  • Writing 1100: Introductory Writing

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, City College Fall 2017

  • English 22100: Intermediate Creative Writing

Instructor of Creative Nonfiction, Barnard College Summer 2017-Present

  • Rewriting Our Lives with the Lyric Essay (3 sections)

Teaching Fellow, Fordham University 2013-2017

  • English 1102: Composition II (5 sections)

  • English 2000: Texts and Contexts: Writers Who Like to Watch: Film, Literature, and the Beat Generation

Poetry and Memoir Workshop Leader, Girls Education and Mentoring Services June 2012

  • Led a poetry and memoir workshop designed to help young women who had been exploited by sexual traffickers tell their stories

Poetry Workshop Leader, Poets Out Loud, Fordham University 2011-present

  • Led poetry workshops for Poets Out Loud’s High School Outreach Program that serves students form underserved communities in partnership with Girls Write Now

Adjunct English Professor, St. Francis College 2010-2011

  • Writing 1100: Introductory Writing (2 sections)

  • English 2580: American Literature 1950–Present