Along with Kevin Young, Bob Hicok, Jorie Graham, and Yusef Komunyakaa, Mary-Louise Parker lists Caroline Hagood as one of her favorite writers.


On Making Maxine's Baby

“A brave and innovative poetic exploration of the grotesque yet mystical universe of Maxine.”
Publishers Weekly
"A postmodern inferno.
What if Dante were a female hobo who confused ideas with orgasms, saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre when she closed her eyes, and thought she was the devil's daughter?
Hagood's newest book, Making Maxine's Baby is a literary hybrid that reads like poetry but arcs like a novel...Hagood packs her latest work with references for readers to parse apart, from Medusa to Leatherface, exploring the use of ultra-violence in art."
_Vice Magazine
“Tracking her flight from the hell of feeling, Caroline Hagood's metaphors unfold with a desperado's inventiveness.”
Joan Larkin

Making Maxine’s Baby tells the story of Maxine, a homeless woman who lives in the New York City subway system. The book follows Maxine's surreal journey through city and memory as she attempts to overcome her traumatic past.

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